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On purge bébé

Boesmans fait son vaudeville! After Au monde and Pinocchio, the most productive opera composer in the Western hemisphere was determined to compose a rather more light-hearted opera. He found inspiration in the French vaudeville writer Georges Feydeau, whose On purge bébé (1910) Boesmans and director Richard Brunel set about condensing into an opera libretto. It tells of Monsieur et Madame and a crazy day spent with their tyrannical yet constipated son Toto when chamber pots go flying through the air. But not only the porcelain perishes in this burlesque nightmare; the petit bourgeois façade also breathes its last… Bonne merde!

Philippe Boesmans
Librettist and director
Richard Brunel
Bassem Akiki
Premiere: December 2022